Welcome to YOUR Local Holistic Guide!


Our mission is simply

to help create a healthy and empowered COMMUNITY

by connecting people and local holistic resources. 


Our Intention for Individuals

We want to encourage you as an individual to continue to learn and evolve enhancing the quality of your own life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We invite you to open your mind and have fun learning and exploring new possibilities. We want you to rejuvenate your passion and creative power so your light shines bright and enabling you to share your gifts and talents.  We also remind you to take time to slow down,  reconnect to nature,  and to be mindful in appreciating the people and experiences in your life.

We encourage you to look through the many holistic service providers listed on the website and consider patronizing their business so they may focus less on marketing and more on the valuable work they are doing.

We also invite you to register and become a free member.   Help others by sharing your experience of businesses you visited by leaving a review.  Favorite businesses or events you want to go to and log in to see your list.

We wish you the best in your journey for health & happiness!


Our Goals for Service Providers

We have many talented service providers in the area.  We aim to expand the outreach of these local small businesses so they may focus more on their dedication to helping people and healing our community.  To support this mission, LocalHolisticGuide.com chooses to offer a basic free business listing service.

Because we understand many holistic practitioners are often small businesses we offer a FREE basic listing service to help grow your business.  Learn more about our packages for holistic practitioners here.


Our Purpose as a Group

There is power and motivation in a group. We realize there is value in sharing our experiences, and that in doing so we may in turn help guide another person in overcoming an obstacle, challenge or problem they may be facing.  Yet, we also understand that a method that may work for one person, may simply not be the solution for another.

We aim to encourage and empower each other.  Everyone has different journey to experience. We realize there may be differences in our methods and beliefs, but respect those differences aim to treat each other with kindness and compassion.


In essence it is our goal to be your Local Holistic Guide!